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Be weary of your addictions


July 31, 2020

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    These are all things that everyday people get addicted to. Inherently, they are not bad things. They are forms of entertainment that give us pleasure. However, the more you repetitively give into one of these forms of entertainment, the less reward (or feeling of pleasure) you receive every time you experience it; your tolerance for it increases. 

    Consumers must also realize that many products in our society are marketed through sex and the desire to have sex. Video-game avatars, Youtube thumbnails, and just straight-up porn. Many of these things are just clickbait, yet it gets us every time. It's what sells, it's what makes the greatest profit. It's up to us as consumers to not give in to these immediate forms of pleasure and think more in the long term and take more steps to gain happiness from long-term effort. The more you give in to this consumer-enticing marketing, the more detriment you create for yourself and society. You follow sex more and love less. 

    People should strive for love more and sex less. Love is something you are proud of, something you are willing to share with the entire world. Something that gives you goosebumps. No one is proud of being addicted to drugs, or TV, or porn; they are proud of their own original creations and arts. This is why our parents love us; we are their ultimate creation. People are striving for things they want in a backwards manner. Following love can lead to sex; however, following sex, more often than not, does not lead to love. 

    The people at the top of society who are in control of giant corporations are not evil for marketing their products with sex or some other form of enticement. Nothing they do is illegal; it may be unethical, but it's only unethical because we consumers allow it to take control of us. Only when it starts to negatively affect us, then we claim the business to be unethical and unjust, but we consumers must be responsible for our actions as well. One example is Juul. At first, they were seen as the cure to cigarettes. Now, everyone complains about Juul making their consumers addicted to their products. Well, what do you expect, it's nicotine. Now, the hilarious part is how Juul is giving compensation to consumers who claim to have become addicted to their products. Who's fault is all of this? Juul for selling their products, or the consumers for buying them? You can't put all the blame to one side, but I do believe that in today's society, consumers are taking less responsibility for their own actions and not blaming themselves for any of their addictions or detriments. If you did become addicted to Juul, the worst thing you can do is take the compensation from the Juul company. Because then, all you are doing is saying your addiction wasn't your own fault, it was Juul's fault. How will you ever learn responsibility?

    One other example is Mark Zuckerberg. He doesn't want people to be addicted to his apps and suffer social anxiety. He lives like an average joe and even hunts and smokes his own meat. It's not like he's living like a king with a bunch of butlers serving him. He never expected to be as rich as he is. The only reason he's so rich is that the consumers choose to let themselves be entrapped by online representation such as Instagram. Instagram itself is inherently not a bad product. It's a way for people to connect and share experiences through pictures and visuals. Society is what made it turn into a toxic place where people have a competition to see who can make themselves look the most like a celebrity. Again, nothing wrong with someone doing that. However, the effect it leaves on other people, is that they feel inclined to compete and also try to gain a mass following. What people don't understand is that for someone to be popular, there has to be unpopular people beneath them. No one can be popular if everyone is popular. Again, nothing wrong with competition; however, for something as simplistic as Instagram, a picture sharing platform, to gain so much and attention and worry and anxiety from its users is something I believe to be detrimental to society. People spend less time focusing on themselves and more time focusing on how others perceive them. Your superficiality grows inward, eventually taking over who you innately are, and all you are left with is your "celebrity" self. Instead, you should grow your essence (that is deep down within your soul) outward until it reaches the outermost layer. To accomplish this you must do what you love and love what you do. Only until then, will you feel self-respect, serenity, and true acceptance of yourself. One movie that I recommend watching that conceptualizes this ideal is Perfect Blue, directed by Satoshi Kon. 

    As kids, we learned not to judge a book by its cover; however, with every passing day, it seems we are judging the book more and more by its cover. 

    I am not trying to say any of the things listed at the top are bad for you. I am just trying to say that you have to catch yourself from that ever increasing pleasure you gain from them before that pleasure leaves you in a hole you can't get out of. You don't want to end up like a hikikomori. Hikikomoris aren't bad people but they do look like they live with many regrets.

    Instead, try finding new addictions, such as hiking, biking, meditating, or even blogging, like I am right now. For me, I like blogging because I just see it as one really long text message. Everyone loves texting and reading texts. So I just took an everyday pleasure and made it something more fruitful and fulfilling. 

    Today's society won't judge you for being addicted to hiking, biking, blogging, etc... If anything, they will praise you. So you have nothing to lose trying something new out. 

Nathon Chin


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