It'll never be perfect, it'll only be less imperfect.

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July 26, 2020

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Today, my dad and I were trimming the hedges off a tree in our backyard. We were prettying it up, making it more elegant and edited. Our family tends to have great care in how things look and that trait has brushed up on me as well. I was snipping off the branches that were sticking out and growing too long, giving the overall look of the tree more shape and proportion. My dad was holding the ladder that I was standing on so I wouldn't fall. It was a team effort. After snipping and snipping, I took a few steps back to look at our work. It looked good. It felt like there was more space for air to travel in our backyard. It was a good job, I was proud of myself. But I looked at it again, and there were still a few branches sticking out here and there and it could still use some work. My dad and I go back at it and we snip off the outlying branches, touching it up. I look back it again, and I'm even more proud of myself because it looks even better. I think to myself, "a job well done", but one more glance at the tree, I notice one more branch sticking out that doesn't look right. "One quick fix", I think to myself, and I chop it off. "Time to go take a shower" I say to myself, our job is done here. As I'm walking back inside, I look back at the tree one final time to say goodbye. But as I do so, low and behold, there was one more branch sticking out that didn't look right. Instinctually, I wanted to go chop it off. But then I pause and I think to myself, and that's how I thought of the title of this blog, "It'll never be perfect, it'll only be less imperfect. After every edit I make on the tree, there still will always be an imperfection within my work. I learned to accept that. With that I mind, I sigh in relief, feeling satisfied of our good (but imperfect) work. 

    This observation in my life was my understanding of the common sayings, "No one's perfect" and "beauty isn't perfection", and all those other cheesy sayings that talk about perfection. They're all true. The sayings go with everything. Even as I'm writing this blog. I write a paragraph, stop then read it from the top. Then I make edits, and I repeat until it is as un-imperfect as I can make it. Eventually, I stop and believe my work is finished and "perfect". I may think it is "perfect" then and there. However, my opinion may change as time goes on, and on a later date after living some life, I may realize a small mistake in my work. There's nothing wrong with that, it's all part of who we are as humans. We correct ourselves, we make changes and that is how we grow. 

    Humans will never be perfect, we'll always be improving, making mistakes, and learning from them. Does that mean we should give up? No. But we can take a moment to enjoy what we've already created. I believe that period of satisfaction (of enjoying what we've created) is what brings us peace and acceptance of ourselves. Eventually, as time (a fixed constant) goes on, we'll grow and strive for improvement. That is good and all part of the process, but it's when we stop and appreciate what's already there that we feel serenity and true pleasure for ourselves. 

Nathon Chin


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